Commercial wood flooring is becoming more and more popular, especially in high foot traffic applications like hotels, restaurants, and boutique retail spaces. Due to its warmth, natural look, and resilient nature, wood can transform a commercial space instantly and can give you a great return on your investment. If you are fitting out a new commercial space or you’re considering replacing your existing floor covering, commercial wood flooring could be the right choice.

While there are many ‘off the shelf’ wood flooring options available, opting for bespoke wood flooring can put you in complete control of the final finish. Working with a wood flooring company that offers a completely bespoke design and installation service will ensure your flooring needs are met the first time.

Take Control of Your Project With Bespoke Commercial Flooring

When you choose bespoke commercial wood flooring, you’ll love the freedom this service offers you. From choosing the species of the wood flooring to selecting the plank size and final finish, bespoke flooring allows you to step away from the norm and towards a flooring design that is truly unique to you and your business. And if you’re not sure which wood flooring will be best for your specific space, your wood flooring specialist will be able to give you tailored advice.

Selecting the Species

There is a huge selection of species available in the wood flooring world. Which you choose will depend on the nature of your business. For example, if you are opening a bar or restaurant, you need wood flooring that can cope with heavy foot traffic, chairs scraping along its surface, and liquid spills. For example, oak flooring, either solid or engineered, might be the best solution for this type of space. When we work with our clients to discuss our bespoke commercial wood flooring solutions, we take all aspects of their business and commercial space into consideration. This will help us to recommend the best products to you.

Choosing the Plank and Final Finish

Choosing the right plank size and shape. Because many commercial spaces can be subjected to greater amounts of moisture than average, it’s important to consider the stability of the plank. While solid wood planks are fine on narrow strip floors, wider plank floors demand the greater stability of engineered wood. The great thing about wider planks is that they also showcase the texture and grain of your flooring and create an airy and open space. For a rustic look, floors can be brushed or scraped. In fact, this type of finish can help to hide imperfections that occur over time. If choosing engineered commercial wood flooring, it’s also important to choose a plank that has a generous top layer of real wood. Your floor will inevitably need to be sanded over time. Look for a floor that can be easily sanded 2 to 3 times over its lifetime.

Our Bespoke Wood Flooring Process

If you are considering bespoke commercial wood flooring, it’s important that you work with a company that understands the process. Our skilled master carpenters have years of experience in bespoke wood flooring and will work closely with you to design and implement a stunning floor that is unique to you and your business.

From custom-laid patterns and styles to complex and interesting flooring designs, our bespoke commercial wood flooring service puts you in the driving seat.

  • We’ll discuss your initial requirements and help you to choose the wood species, style and size of the floor, grade, and colour and finish.
  • Once we know and understand what’s important to you, our London-based team will get to work drafting concept samples and designs that will help you to visualise your new floor.
  • Once you have finalised your choice, we will get to work on crafting your floor in our London workshop.
  • Your bespoke, handmade floor is now ready for you. You can choose to collect your floor or have it delivered. Our team can also arrange installation for you if you wish.

A Floor As Unique As Your Business

Here at Brilliant Wood Flooring, we create beautiful and durable commercial wood flooring solutions that are tailored to your exact needs. Whether you are opening a new salon or refitting a boutique retail space, we’d be delighted to help you choose a flooring solution that transforms your space and elevates your business.

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