The living room is the most-used room in most homes. It’s a place where the family gets together, where memories are made with good friends and where you can relax after a long day. For a room that has so much use, it’s important to get your wooden flooring just right.

Wooden floors in the living room are always a popular choice. They’re a design classic, add beauty and warmth and can be coordinated with almost any decor and furnishings. They are also incredibly easy to keep clean and ideal if you have small children or pets.

Real Wood Flooring vs. Carpets

It’s a common myth that living room floors have to be carpeted. Sure, carpet offers a soft, cosy and warm flooring solution, but real wood can provide all of these properties and more. For example, our hand-finished wood flooring adds warmth, elegance and rustic charm. It’s beautifully textured, comfortable underfoot and is a design statement on its own. It’s also incredibly hygienic and won’t harbour nasty contaminants that can cause allergies.

A Wealth of Design Possibilities

As well as being the most popular room in the home, the living room is usually the largest, too. This opens it up to a wealth of design possibilities and opportunities.

Extra Wide Planks for the Larger Room

A gorgeous wood floor can anchor the whole space, lending an austere elegance and rich warmth to the room. Hardwood flooring is by far one of the most popular options for living room flooring. Planks work really well and are a traditional choice. If you’re working with a large room, extra wide boards will create a bold design statement.

Make a Statement in a Smaller Space

Parquet flooring can add a stunning feature and add interest and texture in a smaller space. It also might surprise you, but darker wood flooring can add depth to a living room, making it appear much larger. Good choices include walnut, oak and Mahogany.

Add Interest With Clever Plank and Block Placement

Another smart way to play with wooden flooring is to lay the floor in a diagonal pattern. This not only creates interest but can also create the illusion of more space. A diagonal pattern tricks the eyes and the mind into viewing the space differently and this makes the room appear larger.

Create a Contemporary Living Room

Whether you love all things monochrome or you adore the loft-living style, creating a contemporary living room is easy with the right flooring. Ash, pine and white wood flooring creates a modern look that complements the sleek and stylish lines in a modern living room.

Let Our Design Experts Help You

No matter what space you need wood flooring for or what your budget, we have the perfect styles to suit your needs. From hand-finished wood flooring and reclaimed woods to parquet and chevron flooring, we can help you to create the floor of your dreams and a living room you’ll fall in love with all over again.