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Tover Tovcol PU2C 10kg – Two-component polyurethane adhesive | Solvent free

£69.99 Inc Vat

Two-component polyurethane adhesive, odourless and solvent-free. Suitable for laying un­nished and prefi­nished parquet on all types of sub-floors, including under‑floor heating ones. Easy to apply, it enables elastic and tough bonding.



  • Water and solvent-free
  • No allergy
  • Suitable on any sub-floor
  • Elastic
  • Recommended for fitters sensitive to epoxy resins



SKUACS-GTU-TCP-10AspectThick paste
Ratio9:1 in weightMix viscosity49000 mPas – Brookfield, spindle 7, 50 giri/min
Mix density1,730 kg/litrePot Life60 – 70 min
Blocking Time6 – 8 hoursWalkability24 hours
Yield 800 – 1300 g/m² – 10 mm trowelShear strength > 3.5 N/mm² according to UNI EN 14293
Sanding2 – 3 daysStorage 12 months in original sealed packaging – Protect
from freezing
Packaging 9 + 1 kg bucket + bottle
Tools cleaningSolvente di Lavaggio S/23, if hardened it can only
be removed mechanically.

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