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Tover Tovcol MS Start Adhesive 15kg – Mono-component silane-modified adhesive | MS Polymer

£89.99 Inc Vat

MS polymer mono-component adhesive. It has got a long open time and is very easy to apply. The glue is recommended for any sizes and species of multi-layer wooden ­floorings, pre‑finished or raw. Suitable for solid wood up to 140 mm wide boards and also for small lamellas laying as it does not swell. It is easy to clean.



  • Water and solvent-free
  • Elastic and strong
  • Odourless and without risk symbol
  • High yield
  • Easy to apply
  • Easy to clean from prefinished floors
  • Recommended on underfloor heating systems



SKUACS-GMS-TPA-15AspectDense Paste
Density 1,7 kg/lViscosity35000 mPas – Brookfield, spindle 7, 50 giri/min
Open Time40 – 60 minutesBlocking Time6 – 8 hours
Light traffic6 – 8 hoursSanding2 – 3 days
Yield 700 – 1200 g/m2 – 8 mm trowelShear strength 1,2 N/mm2 according to UNI EN 14293 – Elastic glue
Application temperatureFrom + 10 °C to + 35 °CStorage 12 in original packaging at temp. > 10 °C
Packaging 15 kg. bucketsTools cleaningDiluente S/23, if hardened only mechanically



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