What we do.

“We can install professionally”

– Solid timber floor

– Floating timber floor

– Laminated floor

– Cork floor

– Pre-finished timber floor

– Parquetry floor

Timber Flooring | Floor fitting

When you hire us to sand and polish your floor, all you have to do is to sit in a rocking chair and relax. You can estimate the level of our professionalism for yourself from our initial response. We know all ins and outs of floor sanding. It is because our team is well versed in latest methods of flooring. Furthermore, we invest in machinery as well. We do all this to provide first-class result for our customers.

We value time and strive to complete within the timeframe. You will find each member of our team punctual. This no-delay also means that you will not have to adjust your schedules. Your precious times will be wasted either. We make best use of this expertise to give an anew look to your timber floors. As a result, your home wears a new look as well.

The Brilliant Floor Sanding Ltd is a mixture of science and art that can do magic with appearance of your new, used, or damaged wooden floors. After completion, our team provide all tips to maintain the shine of the floors. This helps the occupants to retain the shine for a long time. This longevity implies better return of their spent money.

Floor Stain

We can give your floors the colours you want due to our staining abilities. We meet expectations in every Brilliant Floor Sanding Ltd project. It is because of our trained workforce and modern equipment. With staining, you can either change or strengthen the existing colour of your timber floor. This also highlights the grain by to putting a distinctive look on it. We have a rich variety of stains and patina. Therefore, you can choose from a range of colours and shades. Our team only start working after thoroughly cleaning your floors. They do not leave a mess after finishing their job.

You can choose either staining method for your floors. First involves applying the stain directly. It leaves several options regarding depth and colour choices at your disposal. The second begins with mixing the stain with polyurethane. It is a simple method, but it does not give you lot of choices.

We provide two chief categories of staining methods. We first educate you about the pros and cons of turpentine and spirit based stains. Then, we apply the type you would choose. Due to the first-class quality, these penetrate your floor and give sealing effect. Finally, these dress your floors in the colour you want.

“We know how”

– How we should sand floor for quality even staining.

– We will introduce enough stain sample before you make mind.

– We know how to apply stain evenly.

– We use quality stain product.

“How to sand floor”

– How to sand your floor most efficiently regardless of unleveled old floor, previously polished floor, brand new floor, parquetry and out deck

– How to finish sanding properly with our latest machinery and tools without dent, swirl marks and chatter marks.

– How to polish floor with any kind of finish – solvent base, water base and oil base.

Floor Sanding | Floor Polishing

The floor sanding is the name of a process that smoothes the surface of timber floors by removing their uneven or worn out areas. It involves the use of abrasive material by means of machines. You can decide if your floors need sanding and polishing. Alternatively, you can seek a bit of professional advice regarding floor sanding Sydney from our proficient workforce. We have earned a rich experience. We completed each project with flying colours.

We prepare the wooden before sanding. First, all sticking out nails are either pulled out or nailed. Then, staples and adhesives are removed and scrubbed respectively. Even a single nail can damage the machine. It can also delay the completion of a sanding job. Next, any height difference between the boards is levelled to start sanding. Plain surface means that it will let the coating spread evenly. Consequently, the finish will be up to the mark.

We are well aware of the fact that dust can deprive polishing to attain the highest quality. Therefore, we try to minimize the presence of dust particles. We keep testing newer arrivals in the market to get hold of the latest and most efficient products. This helps us in delivering the highest possible level of customer satisfaction.


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