The nearest thing to solid wood floors, engineered wood flooring will transform any room for a fraction of the cost of the real thing. It’s also durable, provides a luxurious feel underfoot, and comes in a wide variety of finishes, thicknesses, and colours. To keep your engineered wood flooring looking and performing its absolute best, it needs to be cared for in the right way. In this article, we’ll give you some handy and actionable tips that will keep your wood flooring looking beautiful.

Removing Dirt From Your Wood Flooring

While engineered wooden floors don’t pick up as much dirt and dust as carpeting or rugs, they will need to be kept clean regularly. If you can, vacuum or sweep your wood floors on a daily basis, paying attention to corners and the edges of your flooring. This is where dirt can often gravitate to. If you plan to mop your wooden floor, always vacuum or sweep first. Dirt, dust, and grit could potentially scratch the surface of your wooden floors. You could also use a microfiber dust mop to pick up dust and fluff.

What Cleaning Products Can You Use On Engineered Wooden Floors?

You’ll want your engineered wood flooring to stay looking its best for many years to come. Looking after it using the most suitable and high-quality cleaning products will help to extend its natural life and keep it looking great. Always check the labels of any products you intend to use and steer clear of harsh detergents or wax-based cleaners. Abrasive cleaners, such as wire wool, should never be used on your wooden floors as they can also cause deep and irreparable scratches. Use specialist wooden floor cleaners where possible. They leave an attractive sheen and pleasant scent behind.

Is It Okay to Mop Engineered Wood Floors?

It’s completely safe to mop your engineered wood flooring. You’ll just need to take care not to inadvertently cause damage in the process. Avoid using a string mop head and use a flat bottomed mop instead. These mops don’t leave a lot of water residue behind them and are more absorbent than their stringy counterparts. Wring out as much water as possible before you clean your floor. Excessive water left sitting on top of your wood floor could cause irreversible damage to the top layer, causing it to warp, lift and bubble. If using a wood detergent, always rinse with clean water.

Bonus Tips For Keeping Your Engineered Wood Flooring Looking Its Best

  • Clear all spills quickly
  • Keep pets’ nails trimmed
  • Put door mats or rugs near doors
  • Put furniture pads under castors and legs
  • Always clear up any grit or sand to stop it causing scratches

Beautiful Engineered Wood Flooring For Any Room

At Brilliant Wood Flooring, we know how easy engineered wood flooring is to maintain and how good it looks after a little TLC. Whether you already have engineered wood flooring and need advice on its upkeep, or you’re thinking of transforming your home with this versatile floor covering, we’d be delighted to help you. Speak to our team today.

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