Truly unique, bespoke floor, personalised to you

Our bespoke flooring service & products are for clients who do not want to constrict their flooring choices to the norm but wish to stretch their floor to match their imagination & desires beyond the industry standard.

Bespoke Floor Service
Identify the Key Requirements

We will discuss your initial requirements, detailing what wood species, grade, style and size floor you need along with colour & finish.

Create Concept Designs & Samples

Once we have your key flooring requirements, we will move onto instructing our London-based, in-house team to create draft samples and designs for visual aid.

Implementation Phase

Once you have finalised the selection of one of the concept floor samples, we will go ahead to initiate the production of the bespoke floor in our London workshop to the agreed specification.

Completion & Optional Fitting

On completion of your bespoke, handmade floor we will review, cross-check & quality assure your flooring before making it available for collection or dispatch. Within this time you will be able to discuss with our fitting team regarding installation if you for wish us to handle that also.

Bespoke Colour Selection

Take a look at our bespoke Colour Libary

Bespoke Flooring Colour Selection

Need some inspiration or want a range of colours to work from? If you haven’t already got a specific colour in mind, we have an ever-updating library of colours to look at. Alternatively, we have listed a handful of our best selling bespoke colours in our online shop so you can view them on a bigger scale and even order a sample directly online.

Bespoke Fitting Designs

Craftsmanship that exceeds expectations

Within our team of highly experienced, skilled master carpenters, we can offer bespoke floor services that can only be performed by flooring specialists, with a high level of expertise. Making our service unmatched.

  • Custom floor laying patterns and styles

  • Major flooring features e.g Floor Medallions
  • Complex and intricate flooring designs

  • Custom matching staircases, furniture & finishings

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Bespoke Floor Service
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Our team will work with you to achieve your desired results

Whether it’s a bespoke product you are after or you are in need of custom bespoke fitting designs, our team is here on hand to help you every step of the way.

Discuss with us your requirements and we deal with your request promptly and accordingly. From arranging consultations to exploring the implementation of ideas, we are here and want to help.

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