Interior trends come and go. As the summer months fade into autumn and we set our sights to spending more time indoors, it’s time to create a homely, cosy space you’ll love to relax in.

Wood flooring looks great at any time of year but also contrasts beautifully with the rich firey colours of autumn blazing into life outside your window. Bring a little nature into your home. Let’s take a look at some of this year’s interior trends for autumn and how to choose a wood flooring style you’ll ‘fall’ for.

The Wonder of Walnut

When it comes to character, few kinds of wood deliver better than walnut. With its rich, luxurious and vibrant brown tones, walnut is a great choice for a wooden floor. It’s also valued for its durability and strength so the perfect option for high-traffic areas or the busy family home. In the autumn months, dress your home with tones that match the different shades in your walnut flooring. Think golds, umbers, bronzes and mochas. All of these colours will tie in beautifully with a walnut floor.

The Timeless Appeal of Oak Wood Flooring

For a homely and rustic feel, opt for wood types with warmer tones. Oak flooring will create a coherent and stylish feel wherever it is installed and will complement rich furnishings like heavy cotton, faux fur and velvet. Medium and dark shades of oak lend themselves perfectly to the autumn season and beyond. Whether you are looking to replace the carpet in your living room with a gorgeous wood floor or you’re considering wood flooring throughout your home, oak is a splendid choice that will stay looking its best for many years and over many seasons.

Autumnal Decor Trends For 2021

Layering, warmth and nature-inspired decor are the order of the day this year. Adding pops of golden yellow, burnt orange and forest green can all evoke feelings of the natural world outside. These colours look glorious with a medium or dark wood floor. Mixing textures will also add richness, interest and soul into any room and can be achieved by combining darker coloured textures, such as leather, wood, marble and brass. When it comes to fabrics, go for mohair, cotton and wool.

Create the Perfect Look With Bespoke Wood Flooring

If you really want to create the perfect look in your home, bespoke flooring may be the best option for you. From choosing the species of wood to the colour and finish, bespoke flooring puts you in complete control of your look. To create a warm and cosy space, parquet and chevron flooring adds intricate detailing and a real wow factor.

Restore a Wood Floor Back to Its Original Glory

If you already have a wooden floor that has seen better days or that has suffered damage, wood restoration can restore your wood back to its original colour and texture. From solid oak flooring to antique floors, wood restoration is one of the easiest ways to breathe new life into your space and make the most of the features already in place.