When it comes to understanding what architects and designers know — and don’t know — about wood flooring materials and design, we get the balance just right and complement each other’s expertise and knowledge perfectly.

When working with architects and interior designers, we ensure that everybody is on the same page and guide the conversation to the perfect physical and practical outcome. Not only do we offer wood flooring and services that align with their creative vision, but we also provide timely advice that helps them to bring their client’s project to fruition

Invaluable Expertise Founded on Decades of Experience

From the design phase through to completion, our experience and expertise shine through. While wood isn’t the most complicated building material, it is available in a huge array of choices. While designers and architects are usually highly knowledgeable about the materials available to them, they may not have always explored every option. This is where our expertise proves invaluable. From explaining our bespoke wood flooring process to showcasing our range of solid and engineered wood products, we help the professionals we work with to deliver the best finish to their clients.

It’s All Down to Aesthetics

When it comes to choosing the perfect wood floor, species, grain, colour and finish are equally important. Many designers and architects will have a clear idea of what they are looking for or at least have a style and material palette they are using for the space as a whole. We never dictate about what their design decisions should be, but we do provide insights on the species and colours we have seen work well on projects we have worked on in the past.

Beyond species and colour, we also explain how different finishes affect the look and feel of a space. In fact, the finish is often the element that the architect is most interested in and can be as important as the wood itself. We highlight all of the available options so that they can make an informed decision. We also take them through our bespoke wood flooring options so that they see how much freedom we give them to run with their project.

The Importance of Performance

Of course, looks aren’t everything. Architects and designers know that the most important characteristic of a wooden floor is its performance and durability: its capacity to resist general wear and tear and marring and denting. Whether the design is for a busy family home or a stylish loft for one, we can steer the professionals we work with in the right direction, helping to influence their decision on the right species.

A Question of Style

Architects and designers are likely to have a high level of knowledge about the flooring styles available. However, as our expertise lies in wood floors and nothing but wood floors, we are often able to put forward new ideas such as custom wood products they may not yet be aware of. We will also ensure they are aware of the board, panel and block models that are available and the wood restoration services we have to offer.

Whether we are working with domestic customers or design professionals, our focus is always on building long-lasting relationships based on expertise, trust and professionalism.